Please feel free to contact us via phone, text, email, or the website’s contact page. We will always have an answer for you within 24 hours. Listed below are some commonly asked questions and answers:

How long do I have before I can no longer make my storm damage claim?

3 years

If I’m unhappy with my first claim adjusters filing can I get a re-inspection?

Yes, we will meet with your adjuster for the 2nd inspection.

What is your turn around time on roofing replacement, repairs, interior etc.?

7-10 days from signing of contract.

What kind of workmanship and materials warranty do I get with Ford & Murphy?

5 year labor warranty & 10 year material warranty.

What are my out of pocket cost going to be?

Little to know money on insurance claims. Non-Insurance claims are priced using Xactimate-Insurance Pricing.